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Fai Fong Gifts & Bakery - Your 1 Stop Wedding Station.
惠芳佳品 – 你的一站式婚礼用品专卖店

我们知道要成为一家让人信赖和支持的品牌企业,除了要管理好产品的品质,做到以人为本,以客为尊的标准外,不断的创新与扩大企业的服务范围也是对客户们的一种责任和回馈。所以,惠芳饼家便于二零零八年七月在雪州甲洞区创立了另一品牌“惠芳佳品”, 惠芳佳品除了负责销售公司的产品之外, 它的另一个主要业物是提供婚庆用品和资询服务, 销售产品有过大礼用品, 回礼用品, 嫁妆, 安床用品, 上头用品以及各式各样所的婚嫁用品和礼物等,务必做到一站式的婚庆专门店, 以方便时下工作繁忙的新人们, 让他们觉得“筹备婚礼其实也可以佷轻松”.
除此之外, 为了加强公司的竞争能力, 在未来的日子里, 我们将会致力发更多不同种类的产品与服务, 从而满足淌消费者的需求, 更不会忘本, 并不断的迈步向前, 以更优质的产品回馈顾客, 以实现 “饮水思源, 回馈社会” 的企业目标.
Fai Fong Bakery was founded in 1948, is located in a small town in Selangor, the company mainly engaged in the commercial range including wedding cake, wedding gift supplies, New Year gifts, Dried Minced Pork Barbecued Meat.Fai fang Bakery is a home based business model production , but for the insistence of food quality and service quality is very importance to us. Year 2009 Fai Fong Bakery moved to a new plant in Kuala Lumpur, in order to produce a more systematic mode of production, from the most basic health quality monitoring a trace does not buckle to the taste of the product to be the best quality.
If we want to become a brand that people can trust and support, good production quality and good management is very importance so that can become people-oriented, customer-oriented standards, constant innovation and expanding the scope of services also we will take responsibilities and feedbackfrom customers . Fai Fong Bakery founded in Kepong Selangor in July 2008 .Fai Fong to share in addition to responsible for the sales of the company's products, which is another major industry objects wedding supplies and information services. We also selling gift products, Favor supplies, dowry, supplies of the bed, on top of supplies as well as a wide range of the wedding supplies and gifts, etc., be sure to do a one-stop wedding shop make them feel "planning a wedding can be also easily and relaxing.
To give our company more competitiveness in the coming days, We will come out more different types of products and provide a very good services to meet the mobility needs of consumers and we will not forget our Mission.